PRYZ Agency is working with writer and curator Daniel Joseph Watkins to manage and promote the Freak Power exhibition.

In 1969 in Aspen, American journalist Hunter S. Thompson collaborated with a colorful cast of activists, intellectuals and artists to launch a political movement which fought for the future of the town, the environment, and the nation. The Freak Power campaign used art, prose, and political theatre to generate a wave of support and to mobilize young people to vote and transform their local government.

This exhibition uses over 120 vintage screen-printed posters, photos, films, and texts to tell the story of the Battle of Aspen, which saw artists, beatniks and other concerned citizens fighting against gentrification, oppression, war, and environmental destruction.

Original art by Ralph Steadman and Thomas W. Benton combine with Hunter S. Thompson’s writing and political theatre to shed new light on a chapter in history which also resonates today. The majority of the exhibition is organized by theme and each section is modular and variably sized to fit the spaces and priorities of the venue.

There are several events and activities included in the proposal that are designed to encourage people to engage with the exhibition and take action in their own communities. In the current, politically charged environment, this show will resonate with those who are looking for creative ways to incite change.
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