PRYZ Agency has worked with the Estate of William S. Burroughs to exhibit and promote the visual art and legacy of Burroughs around the world. The works of Burroughs are now regularly presented at museums and galleries in USA and Europe, including Pompidou Center, CCCB Barcelona, and The Photographers Gallery London. His work is also cited and referenced in many new publications.

William S. Burroughs created visual artworks including paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and photography. He saw the word and the image as inextricably linked, thus applied many of the same approaches to his visual and literary works, such as cut-ups, montages, and automatic techniques. 

All of his work was rooted in a desire to bypass systems of mental control and free his mind from the forces of habit and history.  William continually explored new methods for creating paintings, and often abandoned the paintbrush in favor of unorthodox tools such as guns, mushrooms, toilet plungers, and a wide array of found objects which also served as stencils and stamps.  As in his writing, William regularly cut and pasted elements from his own works and from diverse sources to create surprising new juxtapositions and harmonies.           

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